Ztylus Metal iPhone 6 and 6s Case & Lens Adapter Kit


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Voted one of the coolest innovative products at CES 2015, a number of features set Ztylus apart from the competition. The Black and Silver iPhone 6 Kit offers a classic colorway just as refined as your new iPhone.
4-in-1 iPhone Lens Kit Includes:

  • iPhone Fisheye Lens: Great for curved shapes or fit more friends in your shot.
  • iPhone Macro Lens: Take your food images to the next level with 10x magnification.
  • iPhone Wide Angle Lens: This lens allows up to 20% more content in your field and is handy for architecture photography or landscape photography.
  • iPhone Circular Polarizer Lens: Make that annoying glare disappear from shop windows from your photos or saturate the colors of that amazing sunset.

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